Amy Macdonald & Co. at Swiss Music Award

A night full of winners: At the 4th annual Swiss Music Awards at Moods im Schiffbau in Zurich hosted by Marco Fritsche and Melanie Winiger the live acts won the hearts of the audience and 10 musicians were honored for their work.

Winner of the show was Bligg who was nominated in two categories and won in both of them. Remady and Adrian Stern each could take home one of the hot trophies. "Der Graf" of Unheilig received the Award for Best Breaking Act International after his brilliant performance. Scottish singer Amy MacDonald brought some international glamour to Zurich and won an Award for Best Album Pop/Rock International.

Lots of emotions were involved when John Lord, founder of the legandary band Deep Purple hold a touching speech for Gotthard singer Steve Lee who tragically died last August. Former Bundesrat Moritz Leuenberger handed the Award for Outstanding Achievement to music legend Polo Hofer for his musical work of lifetime. 65-year-old performed as closing act his hit "Kiosk" with the Tequila Boys. After the thrilling show the guests and stars could relax, drink, chat and party at the after party.

Sean Paul

We met Sean Paul after his concert performance and had a short but enlightening chat...

Adrian Stern

Adrian Stern with his new album "Herz" ate "Zimtsterne" with the musician and he talked about his best pick-up line, the most embarrassing moment on stage and more...

Alena Gerber, Stress, Jontsch and Stefan Büsser

Swiss Nightlife Award 2010
Alena Gerber and Stefan Büsser hosted the evening! jump on stage had a little chat
with them as well as with Stress and Jonathan Schächter.

Yolanda Be Cool

An interview in a special way...

Nov 13th Yolanda be Cool were special guest @ the 10 Years Tilllate Party. Before they performed live on stage, Yolanda be Cool had a chat with jumponstage. They had the great idea to change the role, so that they were the interviewer. We didn`t find out much news but the chat and the guys were funny, a bit crazy and definitely simpatico!

Robin Rehmann

Known as moderator, entertainer and singer in the Punkrock Band "Krank"...
We met Robin Rehmann and his band before their gig!

The Parlotones

"If you have a passion for music then keep going!" - The Parlotones - Chatting with Southafrica's Shootingstars

the parlotones, Africa's most popular Indie-Rock-Band, are ready to conquer the other parts of the world. On the 10th of June 2010 the four guys from Johannesburg already impressed the millions of people all over the world with their performance at the FIFA Wolrd Cup Kick-Off Celebration Concert in their hometown Johannesburg, as Shakira's Co-Headliner. In 2010 singer and songwriter Kahn Morbee, drummer Neil Pauw, guitarist Paul Hodgson and bassist Glenn Hodgeson released their record "Stardust Galaxies" internationally, one year later than in thier home country. "Stardust Galaxies" was a huge succes in Southafrica. It's about time that the remaining parts of the world should be convinced of their talent and should have the pleasure to listen to their music. The Parlotones are touring through Europe at the moment. Jump On Stage had exclusively the chance to chat with the Southafrican boys about their performance at FIFA World Cup and the right and wrong reason to do music before theire performance at Abart Club in Zurich.

Stefanie Heinzmann

She was discovered by Stefan Raab and is now a star! We met Stefanie Heinzmann at the eGames 2010 in Bern and talked a bit...

Estella Benedetti

Estella Benedetti presented her debut album "Naked Soul" and talked with us about her music and more...
Do you want to win a album "Naked Soul" with the signature of Estella Benedetti!?
Then sign up here...

Philipp Langenegger and Katharina Küpper

The actors from the German Soap "Hanna-folge deinem Herzen" Philipp Langenegger and Katharina Küpper talk about their future plans and more.
(Philipp Langenegger alias Robert Brinkmann and Katharina Küpper alias Caroline Hundt)

Live Concerts

30 Seconds to Mars

More videos of the live show 2010 here...


More videos of the amazing show at the X-Tra in Zurich CH here...


Patrice and the Supower live at X-Tra Zurich. Watch more here...

The Bloody Beetroots

Party hard with the Bloody Beetroots at alte Börse Zurich


Beatsteaks LIVEWatch the videos of the german band performing in Zurich!

Jimmy Eat World

Great ambience with Jimmy Eat World at Volkshaus Zurich. Watch more here...

Stars for free

One Republic, Hurts, Jason Derulo and more on the same stage at one night. Watch more...


Watch more...

Guns 'n' Roses

Watch more...


The 28-year-old impressed the audience at the club Härterei in Zurich. Watch more

The Script

Watch more from the guys from Dublin live on stage...


This is Rock'n'Roll. Get more here...


Sexy time with Usher.

Grand Mothers Funck

More from the Grand Mothers Funck feat. Akil MC...

Max Mutzke

More of the German Soul-Star and Eurovision Songcontest participant Max Mutzke

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