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  $ 25.- / Month
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  1. Apr 28, 2012


    Hi Slava,Well, based on that particular dotniifien the market isn't saturated but I still think there are too many products to survive/thrive in the marketplace. It doesn't really matter how big the market is the market tends to pick a few favorites and go with those. A couple of those that I listed will thrive while the others will either stagnate or be discontinued. It's impossible to say which ones they will be because it's not always the best product that actually wins. I mean, looking at it from our situation, how can we justify the time to look at 7 products when we're a small team? Even medium sized development groups will most likely look at just a couple of those and make a decision.I completely agree that competition is good for the consumer. You get more ideas out of more products and then the other products will adopt the ideas that work best.And unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to look at Parabuild. We knew Cruise Control wasn't enough and we identified Bamboo and Team City initially since we already use Jira, Confluence and IDEA and then were going to look beyond those if neither worked for us. Parabuild was on the second list at that stage. Bamboo worked really well right out of the box and so we went with it. In a perfect world we would have had more time to really do a comprehensive review of tools but we're in a rush and with only a couple of developers we just couldn't justify a long review cycle.

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