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The ability to share and promote music is one the most transformative aspects of the Internet and a critical driver for fan-building on Facebook. Involver's Music Player App enables users to implement a robust music interface to their Facebook Pages. Add unlimited new tracks to your profile and allow your Fans to share them to their followers' and friends' News Feeds. The Music Player App makes it simple to stream playlists, add tour dates, and compile discographies.

Add the Involver Music Player App today to provide a truly immersive experience for your Fans.


Zealots often point to either Facebook or Twitter as superior, but clearly both are essential marketing tools. The Involver Twitter App enables you to synergize these two social media powerhouses by syndicating your Twitter feed directly to Facebook — and deliver it to the newsfeeds of your Fans. By leveraging the best features of both Twitter and Facebook, the App also instantly widens your audience.
Use the Twitter App to communicate more effectively with both your Twitter followers and your Facebook Fans.


Blogs can boost traffic and sales, push your site to the top of search rankings, and establish you as an expert in your industry. Now you can utilize the power of blogs and updatable content to widen your reach on Facebook, and encourage people to join your conversation with the Involver RSS App. The Involver RSS App syndicates your blog on Facebook and delivers your message directly to your Fans' News Feeds.

Strike up conversations with your customers, publish posts automatically to your Wall without even logging into Facebook and transform your page into a lively forum where people comment, like, and share.



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