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Guitar Hero Tour 2011

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  1. Aug 17, 2012


    I've been thinking a lot about this topic. His death osveehadowrd Farrah Fawcett's (who died on the same day and was quickly buried 5 days later). Her death hit the news and then his. It was all over CNN (trumping the Iranian situation). We were at a hotel that had 2 English speaking channels... the BBC and CNN and it was all about him. Prague had a memorial in the square. I just didnt get it. Diana I got, MJ I didnt - because so many people turned on him. Also, Diana died in a car accident the same day I turned 21. Her life was needless taken. And then I returned to the states and saw the situation here. I think several factors are causing the amount of public and private grief. First, like Diana, when someone larger than life dies it makes everyone realize and think about death. If so and so can die, so can me or someone I love. Second, I think in MJ's case there is a lot of guilt. People were not kind to him over the last 15 years. He was suffering from a painful disease, suffered emotional and psychical abuse as a child, and then suffered pain from injuries relating to his performances which all wrapped into a world of drug addition, bad plastic surgery, and a psychological break. And of course there was the inappropriate and eccentric behavior. I'm not saying he didnt deserve some of the bad press, but I think people feel guilty that they rejoiced in his misery. What was Wacko Jacko going to do next? People made money and it was popular to make comments about it. And then he died.... and we remembered all of those moments that his music touched our lives and all the good he did with his charities and it's guilt. It's also a death of part of our childhood, our dreams, and our existence. It's another end to an era - which gets back to the realization of our own immorality. Plus, there was so much talented wasted and ended so quickly. We've had a lot of deaths these past weeks. It's easier when the person is 80 than someone we grew up with. And finally, it's all the people who are hurting and left behind. His daughter. Lisa Marie's statement was brutally painful. I feel for her. And people cry because of the empathy they feel for the families.

  2. Aug 19, 2012


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  3. Aug 19, 2012


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